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Putting the best foot forward since 2017..

     Hi, my names Laura and I run Ultra Fine Design. I have been completely intertwined with the equine industry for over 20 years, and continue to follow my passion helping other horse people put their best foot forward. It all started in 2000, riding continuously through multiple disciplines. I spent my free time with pencils and charcoal recreating the animals I love so much, until the world took a hard left into new technology. As the world took a more digital approach, so did we! In 2017 we opened up UFD. We pride ourselves with unique designs that portray your goals, no questions asked, while maintaining a professional and easy to look at ads, logos and more. This website is filled with examples, descriptions, prices and ideas, so please, take a look around! I can't wait to work with you.

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Our Goal

Our Goal

Here at UFD, our goal is to portray the way you want to be seen in a unique and meaningful design. We have done designs for multiple industry leaders in different arenas, and guarantee you will love the final design! So take a look, if you like what you see shoot us a message on the contact page. We look forward to working with you!

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